If your children have some amazing ideas that could feasibly become a successful business venture, our duties as parents are to help, support, and nurture their business ventures. There are many free resources available through various agencies and nonprofit that you and your children can access to help start and run a business.  Even though I have had experience in the business world, I still took my son, Hien, to some of these FREE resources to teach him the value of utilizing what’s available to him. Some businesses may not require a lot of capital to start. At the least, you and your children can learn and put together a business plan. With this plan, you and your children can pitch it to potential investors to get funded. Even if the business never takes off or fails midway, it is still a valuable lesson for both you and your children. These skills are not well taught in school. They will have a strong foundation to tackle any new business or career they choose later in life.

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