This backpack helps your child improve her/his creativity, self esteem, social emotional development…

The National Endowment For The Arts research concludes that engagement in the arts during early childhood benefits children's social and emotional development.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

Pablo Picasso

This backpack, erasable art canvas, mobile art gallery nourishes the artist in your child.

It can satiate the desire to express the creativity & imagination of your child's mind.

My 4 year old Son had a very specific idea that he wanted a backpack he could draw on every day. We were absolutely delighted when we found a like minded vision in ChalkWild. This unique and functional canvas is the perfect transitional object. Most importantly it’s an outlet for expression that can give voice to the inner world of emotions and help nurture and develop the creative problem solvers of the future.”

Aideen Cooney, Senior Art Therapist Cork, Ireland

Meet the inventor

When he was 11 years old, he had an idea about an erasable backpack. Seeing creative kids drawing on their Jansport backpack with Sharpie, Hien commented: “Dad, those are really cool art. Too bad they are permanent. Wouldn’t it be cool if it were erasable?”  What a cool idea! So, we experimented and created ChalkWild writable and erasable backpack because there was nothing like it exists. Now, kids are free to customize it with their own art anytime, anywhere, and as often as they wish. 


What makes our hearts sing? When we hear story like this.

“My kids LOVE drawing on it it, erasing it and drawing again. They play tic tac toe and Pictionary on it. It’s a great pastime for them and they are not thinking about anything else but fun. I love it as a parent because they are interacting vs playing on their tablets, iPhone… We were sitting at the airport last weekend and the backpack again came in handy because they were drawing and playing games. I love it that it’s not just a backpack but a blank canvas for creativity, time away from screens, an answer and entertainment for boredom.”

See Lee, Mom & Business Executive

ChalkWild backpack contributes to the improvement of creativity, fine motor skill, self esteem, emotional & social development...

Because kids love to draw and to show off their artworks and love to hear positive compliments from others, they are excited and motivated about continually creating art on their ChalkWild backpack.

American schoolchildren's creativity has been declining for decades.

A study by the College of William and Mary found that creativity among American schoolchildren has been continuously declining over the last 2 or 3 decades. 1500 international CEOs in a poll by IBM said that creativity is the most crucial trait for success. For a long time, America has been best known around the world for being the most innovative country. We will lose that title if this trend continues. Children are naturally creative and imaginative. Give children some art supplies and let them do what they want, you will be amazed of how creative and imaginative they are. They just need tools,  encouragement, and nurture from parents and adults.  You would want your children to be more successful in the future, wouldn’t you?

Creativity is as important as literacy and should be treated as such.

Sir Ken Robinson

ChalkWild backpack helps autistic children express themselves, relieve stress & anxiety, and is useful for parents as well.

Why we are passionate about ChalkWild.

As for the kid that has had his backpack for a month, mom says he loves it! He is 7 years old and is in an Individualized Education Program (IEP) at school. The teachers have found it challenging to accommodate for a rocking chair to help with the child’s concentration, but mom said that the backpack has helped. She stated that he used to hide under his desk constantly, but now uses the backpack on his desk or the floor instead. Mom said the teachers find it very helpful. Although the boy doesn’t use it at home, he takes the backpack to school every day as well as on any car ride. Mom is very grateful! "

Yoland Ruiz, Pathways to HOPE Program Manager, Camp HOPE America – San Diego Alliance for HOPE International

A testament to the power of art, creativity, imagination on trauma

1 in 10 children in the US experience 3 or more ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences), which means they are:

  • 10–12x greater risk for Intravenous Drug Use and Attempted Suicide
  • 2–3x greater risk for developing Heart Disease and Cancer
  • 32x more likely to have Learning and Behavioral Problems

Everything you can imagine is real.

Pablo Picasso

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk (world renowned trauma expert) told a story of Noam whose school was near the Twin Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City and saw the first plane slam into the tower during the infamous September 11th, 2001 terrorist attack. Next day, Noam drew what he had witnessed including seeing people jumping to their death. But, he added a trampoline at the bottom of the tower because, Noam said, next time people would have to jump, it would keep them safe. Noam experienced terrible trauma. But the support of his family and his creative imagination prevented him from experiencing PTSD. He used his imagination to create a different future which helped him move forward with his life. Art helps Noam express his imagination and cope with terrible trauma.

Merced County Office of Education Early Education Department
purchased and handed out to children during Week of The Young Child event.
Boys & Girls Club of Greater Sacramento
ordered for their club kids in Sacramento and Stockton locations.
United Way of Stanislaus
funded a purchase for students of Sierra Vista Child & Family Services.
Raymus Foundation Grant
Raymus Foundation continues to help underserved children by giving children of Modesto Gospel Mission and Salvation Army this remarkable tool.

Collaboration is key to bringing this unique & beneficial ChalkWild backpack to kids who will benefit from using it.

(A few examples of our collaboration with various organizations)


The Early Education Department is extremely impressed with the quality of the backpacks we purchased. The children enjoyed the write on/wipe off surface and having their own personal backpack to showcase their creativity builds their self-confidence!

Christie Hendricks, Assistant Superintendent Early Education Department Merced County Office of Education

Uniqueness of this backpack: Help children rewriting their unique stories (constructing trauma narratives/ integrating the new meaning experience) and process their trauma memories without activating the defense cascade Benefits: ALL IN ONE-HELP increase neurocognitive and emotion regulation abilities from Neurobiological perspectives in trauma OUTCOME: I provided Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to children who were involved in child welfare and juvenile justice systems. I used this ChalkWild backpack as a therapeutic tool (powerful tool for emotional trauma healing process-help children regain their control by rewriting their unique trauma stories). important - Excellent outcome (Significant reductions in psychiatric symptoms). -increase sense of safety (Regaining a sense of safety is very important step of the trauma recovery process) -reduce overestimation of threat -reduce arousal-related body sensations -reduce dysregulated mood states -reduce fear of vulnerability and risk of retraumatization KEY: Transform traumatic memories; create positive post-trauma identity

Ho Ying Chu, MSW, PsyD Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist (CCTS)

“From the moment he walked in, he was intrigued with the backpack. He struggles from past trauma & this backpack not only distracted him but was therapeutic for him. The ChalkWild backpack is helpful for children to express themselves through art, drawing & coloring.”

Dr. Ganielle Hooper, Ph.D, Certified Pediatric Mental Health Specialist & Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, a graduate of Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, and a Founder & CEO of Axis Hope, LLC based in Marietta, Georgia

"The Chalk Wild erasable backpack is a great on-the-go resource for children who love to draw. Drawing can be very soothing and may help to ease feelings of anxiety or stress and help to regulate emotions. The backpack can be used as a canvas at any time, such as whilst waiting or on the train. This is very helpful for children who are always moving or have attention difficulties. I would recommend the Chalk Wild erasable backpack to parents and teachers!"

Steph Reed, Autism Specialist Teacher, Trainer & Coach

“Child survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse need healthy creative outlets for their strong and complicated feelings. For over 20 years my agency has used art as a means of safe self-expression for youth in our psycho-educational support groups. We recently started giving a ChalkWild back pack to each child graduating from our youth programs. Now they have a special place to store their program materials and works of art!”

Holly Grace Currie, Youth & Prevention Services Manager Haven Women’s Center of Stanislaus

“My published research shows that just 20 minutes of drawing can improve working memory, our brain’s control center. So what are you waiting for? Pick one of these fantastic backpacks & get drawing!”

Dr. Tracy Packiam Alloway, Ph.D, Psychologist, Author, Working Memory Expert, & TEDx Speaker

“Hien has a brilliant product in the ChalkWild Erasable Backpack. The benefits of art therapy for traumatized or stressed children are proven. Additionally, it gives adults a window into the thoughts and emotions of the child. I highly recommend the ChalkWild Erasable Backpack to programs and parents working with sensitized children.”

Dave Lockridge, Executive Director of ACE Overcomers Center For Resiliency

"...ChalkWild Backpacks allow children to express their feelings when their words aren’t enough. Our staff will be able to use the backpacks as a tool to communicate with children as a form of art therapy. They can use them even when participating in distance learning, adding some normalcy to their school experience. Students from our non-public schools will receive a backpack, and when the teachers deliver their homework for the week, they can keep it stored safely."

Judy Kindle, CEO of Sierra Vista Child & Family Services

"We are excited about the backpacks. The backpacks are such innovative use of an everyday product."

Dr. Lupe Jaime-Mileham, Ed.D, Senior Director, Early Care and Education Office of Fresno County Superintendent of Schools

One more reason to purchase this backpack for your children:

The children & say 'Thank You'