✨The Spark Of Creativity

In 2016, an insightful 11-year-old boy, Hien Ho, found inspiration not in the skateboards of a Modesto, California park, but in the canvas backpacks adorned with permanent art. “Those are really cool arts. Too bad they are permanent. Wouldn’t it be cool if it were erasable?”. This sparked an idea in his father’s mind, leading to the creation of the world’s 1st erasable canvas backpack, a mobile billboard for creativity & self-expression.

🔨From Concept To Reality

Initially designed for creative individuals like the skateboarders in the park, our backpacks soon gained a broader & more meaningful purpose. Mental health experts recognized their potential as a therapeutic tool for children suffering from anxiety & trauma. Through artistic & creative expression, these backpacks help kids boost their focus, creative thinking & problem-solving skills.

🧠A Personal Journey To Understanding

I am Hien’s father & my personal journey deeply connects with our mission. Growing up in post-war Vietnam, I faced hardships, including poverty, physical abuse & family separation. For years, I didn’t acknowledge these experiences as traumatic. It was only after a transformative experience with the American Leadership Forum that I recognized & confronted these buried traumas, scoring high on the Adverse Childhood Experiences test. Understanding my past has been crucial in my journey forward.

🚀Our Mission

Learning about how the our product impacted social-emotional development transformed our mission. We are now dedicated to bringing this innovative & art therapy tool to children across the US & world. We believe in the power of artistic expression to not only heal but also empower & encourage the next generation.