At the beginning of the school year, parents buy backpacks with Pokemon, Frozen,  Hulk, Batman, Superman… Then, their kids’ interests change a bit later and they want a different theme on their backpacks. Sometimes, their interests don’t change at all as they grow.  The problems with both cases require parents to buy new backpacks. For the kids whose interests change, ChalkWild backpacks let them draw their new favorite characters on them, if they are artistic. If not, the backpack is built with zippered opening so that they can insert a picture to trace & color. For the ones whose interests don’t change as they grow, there might not be a suitable backpack with their desired theme or character. For example, an autistic young man who loves dinosaur could not find a backpack with dinosaur that is appropriate for teenager. With ChalkWild backpack, he is now able to draw whatever dinosaur he likes for the day or week. He can erase and change to a different dinosaur anytime he wants.  

That’s how super cool ChalkWild backpack is. When they run out of ink, they just need to buy new ChalkWild liquid markers from us to create new art on their backpacks. It is much cheaper than buying a new backpack and it makes them look really cool. Creating art has all sort of therapeutic benefits and boosts kids’ creativity and self-esteem. There is no downside to be artistic and to creating art.

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