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🧠A Personal Journey To Understanding

I am Hien’s father & my personal journey deeply connects with our mission. Growing up in post-war Vietnam, I faced hardships, including poverty, family separation. For years, I didn’t acknowledge these experiences as traumatic and their negative impacts on my life. It was only after a transformative experience with the American Leadership Forum that I recognized & confronted these buried traumas. Understanding my past has been crucial in my journey forward. I am heading toward healing after over 40 years. I wish that children who are suffering from trauma have tools and programs available to them to start the healing process while they are still young enough. Research shows that childhood trauma lead to poor health, criminal activities, drug uses, teenage pregnancies…

🚀Our Mission

Empowering the world’s youth through eco-friendly, therapeutic backpacks that nurture emotional growth, academic success, and creativity for a brighter future.

Stanislaus County Recognized (Founder) Hien Ho As An Outstanding Youth Entrepreneur & Designer.