When kids live in the poor neighborhoods of Modesto, they often come from a broken home, often are bullied at school, are often hungry and not cleaned. All these lead to trauma that could severely affect these children's emotional health negatively. They need to see and feel love and care. At Modesto Gospel Mission, the kids at the youth center are loved and well taken care of. Once they start to see & feel the love from the adults and to learn the bible, they can start to heal. Art is one of a great way for kids to express themselves & their feelings. When they can express their emotion through art which they sometimes cannot do it with words, they can start the recovery process and start to have more normal lives.

ChalkWild erasable backpack gives these kids the ability to doodle or to draw on their backpacks anytime, anywhere they want. They not only get to show off their creativity, but they also can greatly benefit from the therapeutic power of creating art.

For every backpack you purchase and donate to these kids at Modesto Gospel Mission, we also donate 10% of proceed to Modesto Gospel Mission.

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