When we were kids, we were creative. We didn’t have the hindrance of trying to be complicated or sophisticated adults due to fear of being labeled as a simpleton.  So, in an effort to conform to a certain stereotype, we shun our creativity and forget about it all together at some point.

A majority of public school system in the US and other countries tell kids to conform, to be like your peers. If one kid dares be different, he/she will be ridiculed by peers and will be told by the adults to behave.  The adults do not appreciate the power of creativity.  We, adults, are beneficiaries of creative folks like Tesla, Edison, Einstein… but we think that the creative thinking belongs to a few exceptional people who are blessed with such ability. It cannot be more wrong, if that is a possibility.  We must encourage kids, as well as adults, to be more creative, to be fearless in their creative endeavor, and to take risks in carrying out their creativities.

This last week, it made us very happy to hear that a kid who saw another kid at their school wearing our ChalkWild erasable backpack asked his mom for one. He saw the ability to be creative, to create his OWN art on this backpack to express himself, and to showcase his creativity. We want to thank Ahmad whose wife is a good friend of that kid’s mom. When his birthday is coming up, Ahmad’s wife asked her friend what he wants for his birthday. His answer was a ChalkWild backpack. We want more kids to be unique and fearless like this kid who wants to be creative and is not afraid to ask for it.

Thank you Ahmad and his wife for making this kid’s birthday’s wish come true.


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