Art heals. It is a simple yet powerful sentence. So many studies have proven the healing or therapeutic power of creating art. That’s why many nonprofit organizations are using art as a form of therapy for people, especially kids, who are undergoing cancer treatment, coping with trauma, or living with autism spectrum disorder… Creating art helps kids with cancer heal quicker. Creating art helps kids cope with trauma by expressing their anger & frustration & recover them as the result. Creating art is calming for kids with autism when stress or anxiety is overwhelming. There has been interest from the professionals who are helping immigrant kids who were separated from families at the US border. These kids suffer from severe trauma which art could hopefully help them cope & recover to have a normal life. It is agreed by these professionals that ChalkWild erasable backpacks would be a great art therapy tool for these poor children. 

These kids would benefit greatly if they have a portable art therapy on their backpacks. Many of these nonprofit want to get each of their kids a backpack but they need sponsors. If your company can afford and is willing to sponsor these backpacks for these kids, they would be very appreciative.  They can experience the therapeutic power of creating art anytime, anywhere they want. 

We provide substantial discount for corporate sponsors. Please contact us for details & pricing. 

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