If you want a truly unique promotional gift, look no further. ChalkWild backpack is it! Why?

ChalkWild backpacks give people the freedom to doodle or to draw their own art to personalize or for art therapy when needed. The zippered opening also allows the wearer to insert a picture or poster of cool art to showcase it. 

Why is it an unique promotional gift? You ask.

Besides being a super cool and unique backpack, we can make the backpack per your design and include your logo on one of the shoulder strap at the most visible location or print your motto onto the side of the backpack. It is not as cheap as a pen or a cheap backpack, but it will definitely stand out and gives you, the giver of this backpack, the WOW & HOW COOL factor. 

Contact us to discuss in more detail. 

Email: arttherapy@chalkwild.com or chalkwild@chalkwild.com

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