Recently, the Behavior Health & Recovery Services department has recognized ChalkWild backpack as a unique, fun, and versatile art therapy tool for kids who are coping with trauma. There are various nonprofit organizations like Haven Women’s Center Youth Program, The Cricket House Hope Program, Family Justice Center…. that have programs which help kids who were abused cope with & overcome the psychological trauma. Art therapy is an integral part of the healing process at these organizations. So, it is a natural alignment between ChalkWild backpack and the mission of these organization. Therefore, BHRS recognizes this & purchases a large number of ChalkWild backpacks to donate to the kids at these organizations. It is still a pilot program but it is very promising since it is a backpack which kids will have with them most of the time that also lets them create art to express their creativity for showcasing & for therapy. We are hoping to get more BHRS departments in California and the US to help provide these kids this super cool art therapy tool to help them cope with the horrible trauma they had to experience.

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