A great art therapy gift

Yesterday was Hien’s 13th birthday. Hien is an inventor of this erasable backpack. Instead of getting presents for his birthday, Hien & I (his father) drove to Stanford Children Hospital to donate 10 erasable backpacks to the kids who are bravely fighting cancer and are doing art as a part of therapy organized by Kids

The Health Benefits of Art by Chamberlain Smith

The Health Benefits of Art By Chamberlain Smith  |  April 7, 2017  |  1:30pm HEALTH FEATURES ART Creating and interpreting art can be intimidating to the average person, but science proves you don’t to have possess artistic talent to reap the numerous health benefits art has to offer. Whether your masterpiece is worthy of hanging

Creating art boosts creative thinking and creativity!

When we were kids, we were creative. We didn’t have the hindrance of trying to be complicated or sophisticated adults due to fear of being labeled as a simpleton.  So, in an effort to conform to a certain stereotype, we shun our creativity and forget about it all together at some point. A majority of

Now available at Carnegie Art Center

You can support the arts by buying gifts such as ChalkWild backpack at Carnegie Art Center in Turlock, CA. A big portion of the proceed is shared with them to help fund various great art programs for kids as well as the community.  http://www.carnegieartsturlock.org

No new backpack needed.

At the beginning of the school year, parents buy backpacks with Pokemon, Frozen,  Hulk, Batman, Superman… Then, their kids’ interests change a bit later and they want a different theme on their backpacks. Sometimes, their interests don’t change at all as they grow.  The problems with both cases require parents to buy new backpacks. For

Doodle to boost creativity & memory

“Here’s Why, How, And What You Should Doodle To Boost Your Memory And Creativity” This was the title of a fascinating FastCompany article. It is a well-known fact that many famous people in history and present day use doodling as a way to improve their creativity.  Such renown people are Einstein, Ford, Tesla, JFK, Clinton,

The mission of this 11-year old entrepreneur

Hien is now 11 years old. When he was 10, he invented the erasable backpack with the help of his father. While father and son were watching & admiring some kids skating and practicing tricks at a local skate park, Hien noticed the backpacks some of the kids were wearing. They were just regular Jansport

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