Do we strive to be different or unique somehow? Most of us do. With this erasable  bookbag and the chalk markers, you can express yourself artistically using your creativity whenever, wherever, and however you choose, make a fashion statement with your cool design art, to be different, and to stand out.

Some Autism Spectrum Disorder kids cannot use or do not like to use verbal communication. However, most of them are artistic & creative. They can use the erasable bag to express their artistic creativity. When they doodle & decorate it, they are often very calm and happy. It is a form of therapy for them. They can also use art to communicate with others like parents or teachers.  Parents and teachers can also use this platform to communicate with one another. For example, teacher can write a note :”Johnny is doing very well today. He seems happy and plays with others.”.  Parents can write a note like “Johnny is a bit cranky today. Please pay extra attention to him. Thank you.”….

Have you ever had a creative idea or inspiration while you are out and about? You wanted to capture that idea but were not able to? With this erasable bookbag, you can. With the provided 8 color chalk markers, you can start doodling your idea on the bag, take a picture for future reference, and you can continue your day without worrying about losing your awesome idea.

Art is therapeutic. When you feel down or are going through some tough time, you can take out the markers and doodle to help you cope.

For comic lovers, you can draw your favorite characters on your bag like Pokemon…

Teachers can write notes to parents on it and vice versa.

Parents can sneak in a love note for their children when they are sleeping.

You can help spread or propagate a message for your beloved social cause like asking people to stop killing Rhinos for their horns…

You can share your favorite quote, a bible verse, or a motivational thought…

There are so many possibilities. It’s only limited by your imagination.

  • Large 18H x 13W x 5D inches

  • Large 18×13 inches doodle-able surface

  • Sturdy 600D Vinyl material and PVC plastic (BPA-free)

  • 8 non-toxic neon color chalk markers ($11.95 value) 

  • Padded shoulder strap

  • Large inside zippered pocket for pens, phone, wallet…

  • 1-year warranty on backpack only. See policy for detail

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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 19 x 14 x 4 in
Choose a Color

Black, Blue

With or Without Chalk Markers

Backpack Only, With 8 Chalk Markers

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