If You Represent A Foundation, Corporation, Or Are A Magnanimous Citizen Interested In Supporting Underserved Children, Consider Funding The ChalkWild Program Through Our Fiscal Agent, San Joaquin Community Foundation. Join Supporters Like Antone and Marie Raymus Foundation, Mary Stuart Rogers Foundation, Sozosei Foundation, Bank of Stockton.

Our Program:

Dedicated To Enabling Students & Children To Express Themselves Through Innovative & Creative Art, With A Special Focus On Supporting Low Socio-economic Neighborhood. Our Program Has Helped the Boys & Girls Club, Salvation Army & Homeless Shelters...

Funding Benefits:

Cultivating Creativity in Young Minds

Elevating Focus & Cognitive Skills

Championing Mental Wellness Through The Transformative Power of Art

🤝Boost Brand Visibility & Partnership Value Through Our Co-Branding Sponsorship Opportunities. Art Contest Can Increase Your Brand Exposure As Well.