Sarah Backpack + 8 Chalk Markers


Francis is a creative boy who loves to draw. His current interest is Tetris, Pac Man, &  Super Mario Bros. He draws Tetris and Pac Man on his ChalkWild backpack and carries it to school. His classmates like it. His teacher likes it. He comes home proud and happy because he got compliments. His self esteem gets a little boost. The next day, he draws Mario & Luigi because he feels like it is time for something different. When every kid in class has the same backpack, the teacher can teach them shapes, colors, sizes by drawing an animal, a train… using various shapes & colors. After reading a story to the class, the teacher asks students to draw their favorite part of the story and to tell others about it.  This helps build their language skill. When they create a really artwork on a piece of paper and they want to show it off, they insert in in the backpack and voila, they have their own mobile art gallery.  One thing is certain. Each backpack is truly unique because of the unique artwork.

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No bells and whistles like most other backpacks; but it’s a backpack worth sharing

Perfect for daycare, preschool, pre-K, K kids, and even some adults who love small backpack which they can customize with their own art.

Dimension: 12 x 11 x 4 inches

Material: 600D super durable polyvinyl

Padded shoulder strap for comfort

Tablet sleeve inside

1 year warranty: within the first year, if there is any defect, send us the backpack and we will send you a new one FREE.

zippered opening on top for storage or for inserting a picture to showcase or to trace

Mesh pockets outside to store markers or water bottle

The unique factor: 12×11 square inches art canvas for creative artistic self-expression, to develop self-esteem, empathy, & self-confidence, to assist with visual communication for autistic children, to relieve stress or anxiety and for customizing it into a one-of-a-kind backpack.

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Weight30 oz
Dimensions12 × 11 × 2 in

Orange, Blue, Purple


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