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  • The unique ChalkWild erasable backpack was invented by this kid, Hien, when he was 11 years old.
  • After many short-sighted budget cuts that axed the arts program in school, kids do not have many opportunities to be creative. Thus, they exercise less and less creative thinking. This unique backpack + chalk markers, which functions like a regular backpack but the difference is kids can draw and erase using wet wipe or wet paper towel,  give them the opportunity to express themselves and to be creative anytime and anywhere they wish.  It’s convenient and simple to use because kids usually have a backpack with them.
  • Art has been proven to boost creativity, self-esteem, self-confidence, working memory, problem-solving skills, and relieve stress/anxiety. As parents or grandparents, we wish your children to do well in school, to have good social skills, to have high self-esteem, to be confident, to develop good communication and problem solving skills. Most successful corporate executives and entrepreneurs have these traits in common.
  • That’s why you might consider getting your children or grandchildren involved in the arts. Some kids like dance. Some like music. But most kids love to draw. I believe sharing this with them will be quite helpful.
  • ORDER one to see for yourself. Have your kids try it. Use it at school, at a bus stop, at a doctor’s office, during a car or bus ride, hanging out with friends, visiting grandparents… We are sure they and you will love it. If they don’t, return it within 30 days and we will issue a full refund. Besides its uniqueness, it is also well made. I and my team make sure of it; so we also offer a 1-year warranty. Let us know if there is a defect and we send you a new one FREE. You can also ORDER more liquid chalk markers here to keep their creativity uninterrupted.
United Cerebral Palsy of Central California members got their arts on








"ChalkWild Backpacks allow children to express their feelings when their words aren’t enough. Our staff will be able to use the backpacks as a tool to communicate with children as a form of art therapy. They can use them even when participating in distance learning, adding some normalcy to their school experience."

Sierra Vista Child & Family Services of Stanislaus Leadership Team

"My 4 year old Son had a very specific idea that he wanted a backpack he could draw on every day. We were absolutely delighted when we found a like minded vision in ChalkWild. This unique and functional canvas is the perfect transitional object. Most importantly it’s an outlet for expression that can give voice to the inner world of emotions and help nurture and develop the creative problem solvers of the future.”

Aideen Cooney, Senior Art Therapist in Cork city, Ireland

Simple recipe for your children and grandchildren to stand out and to be different.


  • 1 part Erasable backpack 
  • 1 part color liquid chalk markers 
  • A dash of creativity and imagination (readily available in each child)
for an investment of about 9 cups of $5 fancy Starbuck coffee, you can make a positive impact on the life of your child or a child. It’s one of the best investment because the ROI is infinite.

(Free shipping via 2-3 days USPS Priority Mail)

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