An unique marketing tool for consumer brands

Effective, memorable, fun, & catchy marketing campaign tool

What every brand desires is the permission to stay in touch with clients or potential clients. This unique backpack offers your brand an unique opportunity to do just that. When you hand out this backpack + markers to clients who have young children, you create this permission. Your marketing team will have multiple opportunities to run art contest throughout the year. For example, you create a Thanksgiving theme art contest and email the announcement to all the ones who received the backpack. The prizes must be significant. You then ask parents to have their children draw on their backpacks. The parents take the photo of the art on the backpack and post them on your social media page. Once all submissions are in, your team will open it to voting. Any one can vote. The winner/s will win the prizes. Imagine the buzz your brand gets throughout the contest. Do this again for Christmas, Halloween, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day…

It's fun and memorable. Who does not like to see kids' creativity.

We set aside $2 from each backpack sale into a separate fund with a foundation. We will use this money to fund free backpacks + markers to children in underserved schools and  neighborhoods

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