A Portable & Erasable Art Canvas, A Mobile Art Gallery, A Backpack.

Creativity is as important as literacy

Sir Ken Robinson
Declining creativity



A solution:

"High-Quality Early Learning & Care is Key to Ending Generational Cycle of Poverty"

said Dr. Janet Yellen, former Federal Reserve Chairwoman
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Simon has a simple recipe for your children to boost creativity and self-esteem.


  • 1 part Writable & Erasable backpack (order HERE)
  • 1 part color liquid chalk markers (order HERE)
  • A dash of creativity and imagination (readily available in each child. They just need encouragement)

Simon is a mundane looking backpack, but using it can help your kids improve creativity & self-esteem.


My 4 year old Son had a very specific idea that he wanted a backpack he could draw on every day. We were absolutely delighted when we found a like minded vision in ChalkWild. This unique and functional canvas is the perfect transitional object. Most importantly it’s an outlet for expression that can give voice to the inner world of emotions and help nurture and develop the creative problem solvers of the future.”

Aideen Cooney, Senior Art Therapist in Cork city, Ireland

Hien Ho, the young inventor & entrepreneur

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Young children who are starting life with trauma caused by poverty, abuse, neglect, domestic violence… are at a  huge disadvantage . They need help in order to catch up with other kids, to realize their full potential and to avoid being victims of sexual exploitation when they are in their teens. There are many nonprofits dedicated to help these children. Sierra Vista Child & Family Services is one such organization and is one of the largest nonprofit agency in Stanislaus County. The leadership of Sierra Vista recognize the benefits of ChalkWild writable & erasable backpacks for their students. With the financial support of various community members, young children at Sierra Vista now get to draw on their backpacks to express themselves. What Sierra Vista Child & Family Services posted on their LinkedIn page: “ChalkWild Backpacks allow children to express their feelings when their words aren’t enough. Our staff will be able to use the backpacks as a tool to communicate with children as a form of art therapy. They can use them even when participating in distance learning, adding some normalcy to their school experience.”
Boys & Girls Club of Greater Sacramento
The visionary leadership understands the importance of creativity, self-esteem, and other characteristics which can be improved through doing art; so they purchase ChalkWild backpack + liquid markers for club kids.

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