Erasable Backpack



You must share this recipe with your children & grandchildren

Here is why:

Art can improve a child’s life.  Art has been proven to boost creativity, self-esteem, self-confidence, working memory, problem-solving skills… When your child brings home artwork from school, you display it on the refrigerator door because you love her and want to build up her self-esteem. This backpack is like a mobile refrigerator door. Her friends, teachers and parents can now see and appreciate the artwork. She feels a sense of pride and accomplishment. It’s a big boost to her self-esteem, confidence and creativity. Imagine your child sitting on a kitchen table or on the floor, drawing his imagination, focusing, choosing the right color marker, smiling, and showing you the final artwork with pride. You undoubtedly are filled with pride as well. Or your family is driving to visit grandparents a couple hours away. Your child is sitting in the back drawing on her backpack to show grandma and grandpa.Because it is erasable, she can wipe it off for her next artwork. As she is drawing more and more, her self-esteem, confidence, creativity, problem-solving skills… will greatly improve. When stress or anxiety is overwhelming, she/he can draw on it to relieve stress.

Moms, you can also write “I love you” on her backpack while she is sleeping. Don’t be shy.

Some teachers in New Jersey informed us that they also wrote notes for parents on the backpack.



The Early Education Department is extremely impressed with the quality of the backpacks we purchased. The children enjoyed the write on/wipe off surface and having their own personal backpack to showcase their creativity builds their self-confidence!

Assistant Superintendent of Early Education

My 4 year old Son had a very specific idea that he wanted a backpack he could draw on every day. We were absolutely delighted when we found a like minded vision in chalkwild. This unique and functional canvas is the perfect transitional object. Most importantly it’s an outlet for expression that can give voice to the inner world of emotions and help nurture and develop the creative problem solvers of the future.

Ms. Aideen Cooney

Senior Art Therapist in Cork city, Ireland

We are excited about the backpacks. The backpacks are such innovative use of an everyday product.

Dr. Lupe Jaime-Mileham, Ed.D

Senior DIrector, Early Care and Education Office of Fresno County Superintendent of Schools

IDeas for using chalkwild backpack

Whether she's waiting for her school bus, at the doctor's office, at the airport, riding in the back of the car, riding the bus... , she can draw on it. Most kids like to draw or doodle. This erasable backpack + liquid chalk markers are perfect for these occasions and more.