Give a Gift of Creativity

"Everything you can imagine is real."
Pablo Picasso

What the experts say?

Be Creative! Be Unique!

Art and creativity have amazing therapeutic benefits:

  • It boosts creativity.
  • It boosts self-esteem.
  • It boosts confidence.
  • It improves working memory.

A backpack worth giving!

Join various agencies, nonprofits, magnanimous small, medium, big business owners… to buy and to give Simon to children of economically disadvantaged families, foster children, autistic students… because consistent involvement in the arts can change their lives.

What people say?

Our kids love the backpacks, they were excited because of their uniqueness, but also because they can use them as a "white board" for their distant learning.  Parents were very appreciative.  Because of COVID-19, a number of our residents have lost their jobs, are unable to use public transportation to get to a store to purchase a backpack and supplies, or they are "Sheltering in Place" for their families safety."
parents of a low income housing community commented after getting 200 ChalkWild backpacks + markers donated by a generous organization
My kids will have a great time expressing themselves on these backpacks.”, “My Big Lad is saving the Chalkwild backpack for when he starts high school in September. I am sure it will be a great tool for helping him to learn to plan and organize more things for himself and become more independent.”, “I was recently introduced to a new form of Art Therapy that absolutely blew me away! Imagine having everything you need to create, erase, and repeat with you all the time. The Chalk Wild Backpack is just that!”
Snipets of what parents have said.

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