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Hien was about 11 years old when he came up with the idea of an erasable backpack. One day when Hien and his father were watching skateboarders at a skate park in Modesto, Ca, he noticed some canvas backpacks that have really beautiful art on them. Hien commented to his father how cool those artworks are but they are permanent due to the permanent markers being used. He also commented how cool it would be if it were erasable so that those kids can create cool new art whenever they want. His father thought it’d be a great idea. They went home and researched and found nothing like that on the market. So, they set out to experiment to create an erasable backpack. After months of trials & errors, they created an erasable backpack, founded a company, and named it ChalkWild. The backpack was meant for any kids who want to express themselves with their own creativity. 

A little over a year ago, we started to hear from autism moms who told us that their autistic children were having fun doodling on their backpacks, expressing themselves, and relieving stress/anxiety. Some used the backpack as a calming tool for when stress and anxiety are overwhelming. We started to study the benefits of art therapy and found that art not only benefits autistic children but also benefits children who are coping with trauma. We found several nonprofits that use art therapy for children who are undergoing cancer treatment. The benefits of art are so awesome that we decided to pivot our focus on serving children who are autistic, coping with trauma, and coping with cancer. The reception from experts and the children who are using the backpacks is overwhelmingly positive. We are so glad we created a product that serve the therapeutic needs of these children. 

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Hien Ho, The Young Inventor/Entrepreneur

Recognized by community & political leaders.

Reverend James Anderson, President of Modesto PD Clergy Council & Pastor of Christian Love Baptist Church
Ted Brandvold, current Mayor of Modesto
Josh Harder, US Congressman
Modesto Police Chief
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. annual celebration 01/2019

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