Self-esteem and racism

Racism has risen and fallen throughout the history of United States of American. Thanks to President Lincoln for freeing the slaves and to Dr. King, Jr. for fighting for racial equality for all people of color, racism receded not not eradicated. People who are racist didn’t openly acknowledge it until Donald Trump became president. His administration openly endorses and encourage racism. He praises white supremacists and derides immigrants and non-white citizens. He and his people have been stoking the fear and preying on people’s low self esteem. They blame all their misfortunes on immigrants. Immigrants stole their jobs. Immigrants are on welfare and taking advantage of the system. Immigrants are criminals. On and on. People who are full of hate might not want to change their ways; but children are still malleable. We still have a chance to influence the children to build high self esteem so that they grow up to be loving their fellow human and not to be racists.  They need to get involved in art and stay involved.

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