Declining of creativity

A research by Dr. Kyung Hee Kim of College of  William and Mary found that creativity among American school children has been declining for over 2 decades. The research looked at data between 1984 to 2008. This alone doesn’t sound to dire. However, in a poll conducted by IBM, 1500 CEOs acknowledged that creativity is the top predictor of future success. In this context, it’s looking dire. The future of a lot of children won’t be a success. There must be something we can do, right? Well, there is. Art is proven to boost creativity along with self-esteem, confidence, problem solving skills… School often has art programs; however, these art programs have been cut completely or stripped bare by budget cuts. Art programs are always the first on the chopping block. So, if you want your children to be more creative, you might want to take matter into your own hands. Some parents enroll their kids in dance, music, draw/paint class. This is great. But there are many parents who cannot afford the time nor money to do this. The economically disadvantaged families and their children bear the brunt of the shortsightedness and unfairness.  That’s why there are many nonprofits founded to get kids involved in the art for free. Art, no matter the art, is crucial to building a child’s creativity, self-esteem, confidence. As parents, we need to figure out which art our children enjoy or are interested in and sign up with any nonprofit locally that offer programs free or at minimal fee. Give your children an advantage to succeed. Give them that top predictor quality.

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