Turn to the art to boost self esteem.

Self esteem is one of the most important characteristic a person can have. Low self esteem leads to all sort of friction, envy, hatred, ill-will…  It’s one of those quality that gets thrown around but often misunderstood. When some one who has a big ego, we often equate that to high self esteem. It’s in fact the opposite. A person with high self esteem does not need to boast, show, or tell others that he/she has high self esteem. A person with high self esteem has self love and high regard for herself. She does not get hurt by an insult or perception of an insult. People who are quick to get angry have low self esteem. These folks are easily manipulated. They seek approval and acceptance from others constantly. Therefore, they are easy target for manipulation. That’s why young girls with low self esteem are easy target for sexual exploitation. Low self esteem is caused by childhood trauma like abuse, domestic violence, poverty, neglect, loss of loved ones…. 

Art, no matter the art, is critical to building a child’s self esteem. Figure out which art form each kid likes and gets him/her involved in it. Some like music. Some like dance. Some like acting. S0me like drawing. If they are interested in a particular art form, they tend to stick around and do more of it. The benefits such as healthy self-esteem come after a period of practicing.  So, if you want to help your child, grandchild, or kids who are experiencing childhood trauma, talk to them and find out which art form they are interested in. Then, help them get involved with that and watch their self-esteem build higher and higher. 

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